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Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Derived from the chatter that we do not accidentally with friends is "empang butek" when gathered together in one place. And since then we decided to use the name. It's just the spelling of the origin of the word "empang butek" that we turn into M'PUNK BUTECH make it look more unique and unusual (monotonous) and also into the music genre that brought us the music "Melodic Pop Melodious".

M'PUNK BUTECH stood at the beginning of the year 2007, exactly on the date of 20 January 2007, in the year 2006 M'PUNK BUTECH previously used the name "BURANOO" consisting of :

Budhie van Java : singer / songwriter / guitarist
Danu Crow Death : backvoc / rhythm
T'and Roston : backvoc / bassis
 Acid Ranshed : backvoc / drummer

and in mid-2006 BAND we had because of the vacuum in which no consistent differences in terms of characters and music in particular.

Finally in the year 2007 we changed the concept of music that is more "low distortion" or aransement. And in the year that was the name we use M'PUNK BUTECH as our band name. And from 2007 until now M'PUNK BUTECH members:

Budhie Ignorant : singer / guitarist / songwriter
Adit Demure : bassis / backvoc/ songwriter

After a long journey we've been through, finally a band that formed bersama.Mulai we agree that time we gave the name to the fan or fans with a M'PUNK BUTECH N BUTECH BROTHER SISTER BUTECH.

On the basis of their music and also want to work, so we tried oriented groups such as world music:

MXPX, Green Day, etc.

In our proceeds are also trying to bring the songs of our own creation of the band on numerous occasions. Among them we have recorded in the form of a master. (MB)


Agustus 2009
Mengikuti acara BLUM-FEST di Univ. Budi Luhur, Ciledug - Indonesia.
Agustus 2009
Pengisi acara dalam rangka memperingati HUT RI, Tangerang - Indonesia.
September 2009
Guest Star acara Musik Ngabuburit (MuRit) Lesehan, Tangerang - Indonesia.
September 2009
Guest Star acara Musik Pemuda Kreatif (MPK), Tangerang - Indonesia.
Oktober 2009
Pengisi acara Sumpah Pemuda Perum Green Bermis, Tangerang - Indonesia.
November 2009
Live Perform di Univ. Budi Luhur, Ciledug - Indonesia.
Desember 2009
Masuk album kompilasi ROCK N’ FELLA Tahun 2009.
Desember 2009
Launching album kompilasi ROCK N’ FELLA di BiFest, Bintaro - Indonesia.
Desember 2009
Wawancara album kompilasi ROCK N’ FELLA di Indie Radio Online (IRO), Jakarta - Indonesia.
Januari 2010
Live Perform di Bintaro Sektor 9, Bintaro - Indonesia.
Februari 2010
Pengisi acara Indie Music Chart yang diselenggarakan Indie Radio Online (IRO), Bintaro - Indonesia
Februari 2010
Wawancara dengan Indie Radio Online (IRO), Jakarta - Indonesia.
Februari 2010
Pengisi acara Perpisahan Sekolah (PenSi) SMP Negeri 2, Serpong - Indonesia.
Maret 2010
Liputan Majalah AUDIOPRO Edisi 03 Maret - April 2010 / Thn X (Edisi Khusus PRO AUDIO), Bedah Album : ROCK N’ FELLA, Keroyokan 10 Lagu dan M'PUNK BUTEH dengan judul I LOVE U. MOM termasuk didalamnya.
Maret 2010
Pengisi acara Soundout Sound Nation 2010 di POINS SQUARE, Lebak Bulus - Indonesia.
Maret 2010
Wawancara dengan salah satu Stasiun Televisi Swasta (JAK TV).
April 2010
Sounding Band 1 jam bersama M'PUNK BUTEH di EMC Radio, Tangerang - Indonesia.
April 2010
Guest Star di SMPI AL-FAJAR, Bekasi - Indonesia.
Mei 2010
Guest Star yang diadakan oleh EMC Radio di Ramayana, Tangerang - Indonesia.
Juni 2010
Live Perform acara Indie Music Chart, Bintaro - Indonesia.
Juni 2010
Live Perform acara The Best Of Indie Live Music Concert kerjasama IRO dan JAK TV, Bintaro - Indonesia.
Juli 2010
Guest Star dalam acara Pemilihan Abang - None Kota Tangerang Selatan di ITC BSD, Banten - Indonesia.
Desember 2010
Band pengisi acara 1000 BANDS UNITED di BUPERTA, Cibubur  - Indonesia.
Desember 2010
Guest Star dalam menyambut Tahun Baru 2011 di XSplash Fun Square Kemang, Jakarta - Indonesia.
Januari 2011
Guest Star dalam acara rutin di Blok-M Mall, Jakarta - Indonesia.
Maret 2011
Live Perform di BackStage Cafe Ancol, Jakarta - Indonesia.
Mei 2011
Guest Star di Blok M mall, Jakarta - Indonesia
Februari 2012
Live Perform acara Area Musik Studio, Cinere - Indonesia.

Download Mp3 : http://www.sharebeast.com/1ch6iu1mxu1d

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